I have two rentals in NYC in the Meat Packing district and the East Village.

Both apartments are very modern. I purchased red, blue, yellow tablets to make funky colors like orange or purple, the blue is very pretty too but I wanted to add a pretty little shock value! My guests always comment on the cool colors!

Stephanie Rand
Manhattan NY

Hotels & B&B's

I heard about your products through a friend who owns a cleaning service who uses your tablets for their rental properties. We own four beautiful B&B’s. 
We did not want to use the typical tacky interior hanging toilet bowl cleaner that turns the water blue but did want to use something that indicated it had been attended to properly between guest.

The tablets are easy to use, perfectly discrete and a beautiful blue. We have continued to use your tablets for two years and we are very happy we found your product on your website.

Corrine Gilles
Lyon France, Blois France, Paris France

Diagnostics Laboratory

We have been purchasing Color Fizz Tablets since 2014.
SureScreen Diagnostics conduct immunoassay point-of-care rapid tests for Drug Testing at construction sites, hospitals, police stations, and so on.
The water dye tablets are used in the cistern and bowl of the toilet facilities to prevent donors from providing adulterated samples.
Adulterated samples are commonly watered down to reduce the chance of drugs being detected.
The blue water dye provides a great discoloration should the donor attempt to use any of the water from the cistern or bowl.
Kind regards,
Steve Middleton
Operations Manager

Science & Educational

Love the product! Love the company – easy to work with and I plan on using Fizzing Tablets Company for my science kits as long as I have my company and I plan on that being a long time!

Carol Espensen
Southern Science Supply, LLC
San Antonio

Shelly and the whole team at Color Fizz Tablets have been a delight to work with. They are professional, extremely responsive and the turnaround time is always quick. Since we package the tablets in a product for children, we especially appreciate that the product is safe and Made in the USA. We are big fans of Color Fizz Tablets!

Marcie and Kelly, Yellow Scope: Science Kits for Girls

Our Testimonials

Good experiences from happy customers

We discovered Color Fizz tablets when our son was two years old and suddenly became afraid of the bath. They were a hit and bath time became fun again. Fast forward 4 years and we are still using them since our kids insist on colors in the bath. J In addition to the bath we have been playing with them in jars of water to see how mixing the colors creates different hues and intensities.

Our son is autistic and playing with water is one of his favorite activities so we have been able to combine learning and color experimentation with his interest in water.
His little sister loves to play as well and it's been a really fun way for the two of them to play and cooperate together.

Thank you for creating such a fun, safe and educational toy for our kids!

Karen Streeby , mom to Flynn (6) and Elena (3)

Paris B&B
I have a beautiful rental in Paris France and one in New York City.
My Maid’s use your tablets between the arrivals of guest and when they go to do a daily cleaning.

Easy to use and easy to keep in the cleaning kit – I will use them as long as you make them.
The maids are now using them for other properties they clean. Pass the word they are great!

Debbie Kupitz
Paris France, New York City

Flora’s Fauna and Flower Boutique

We love our tablets – One of our guests came in and asked us to create an arrangement with the tablets. We now include them with the floral bouquets we send out as a “little extra” cool product that makes our store a little different than the rest. The flowers seem to last just as long as with clear water.

Super happy - Cool Pretty product !

Flora and Justine Decker
Los Angeles, CA.

Hot Tub with Cool Colors

I own four ocean front properties in Dana Point California. I heard about your water coloring tablets
through our rental associates and placed an order.

The first order was only for the blue, the second order was for all the colors blue, yellow and red.

Now our guest can make very pretty unique hot tub colors of aqua, rose and purples! The color fades away with the addition of chlorine and no harm to the hot tub.

Betha Everett

Dana Point Condos, Dana Point California