Environmental & Cleaning Services

Environmental Services Hospital's and Hotels use blue tablets to color ​the water in bathroom bowls for a clean fresh appearance.

Florists, Hot Tubs/Spas & Nail Salons

  • Add a little splash of color to any bouquet
  • Cool colors for your Hot Tub or Spa
  • Pedicure Perfect - make custom colors for your clientele with PrettyPedi foot bath

Scholastic & Educational

Experiment with Science and other fun related educational or artistic projects ​​​with our fantastically fizzy water coloring tablets.

Diagnostic labs and medical facilities

Diagnostic Laboratories use blue color tablets in their testing facilities.


There are extensive uses of our fizz, you can use it for fun, diagnostics, or even fr learning, the uses are endless. We include a few you can look through below to get an idea of what you can do.